Success Needs a Blueprint

The Ultimate Sales Toolkit

An 8-Week Course For Achieving Peak Performance Through Knowledge, Skill and Mindset for Sales Individuals and Teams, Business Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

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High-Impact sellers are in high demand across all organizations, find out what it takes to become one and increase your value to the marketplace.

How do you plot your success within a highly competitive sales industry?

It’s not easy. And that’s understandable. Not everyone is persuasive enough to sway decision-makers easily.

In Just 8 Weeks You’ll Walk Away With:

  • An assessment of your current knowledge, skill, and mindset
  • A roadmap to develop the skills to get you performing at your best
  • Proven techniques for being an effective salesperson in both B2B and B2C scenarios
  • The skills to apply the lessons you learn immediately to your professional and personal interactions and watch your confidence grow
  • And so much more… 

Enrollment Is Open!


The Ultimate Sales Toolkit is your blueprint for success.

Within 8 weeks, you’ll get access to industry insights and proven methods to become a high-impact seller and increase your value to the marketplace.

 During this 8 week course you will:

  • Sharpen your selling and persuasion skills that help you upgrade your mindset and make more money 
  • Understand how to use tools and resources to prospect and find your own qualified leads
  • Learn presentation skills to drive impact and keep your audience engaged 
  • Master a quick and efficient close
  • Deepen your influence by connecting to people’s emotions  and identify stories to use as selling points
  • Takeaway account management skills that go above and beyond the call of duty
  • Utilize the knowledge learned to put your toolkit into action


Anthony Eisenman is not just another sales guru who claims to be the master at what he does. He is a firm believer that being a student is better than being a master even when he has proven himself an expert in the field of sales, with over $50 million in sales!

With 20 years of business development experience, Anthony now helps people succeed by learning the enterprise sales process so they too can sell to big corporations and create generational wealth without having to become an entrepreneur. He’s inspiring the next generation of sales professionals, giving them the skills they need in this new business landscape. 

Join the Ultimate Sales Toolkit Course and you’ll be driving more connections and closing more sales within 30-60 days! 

Introducing your comprehensive 8-week course on becoming the best Enterprise Sales Leader.

How do you become the best at sales? By being open to learning. Master salespeople are students who know there is so much more to learn. 

This eight-week course will give you the power to leverage your hidden potential to be the best that you can be.

Here’s what you can expect: 

5 Live Sessions with Anthony Eisenman

30+ Tools for you Sales Kit

Guest Interviews with Global Sales Experts

Knowledge/Skills/Mindset Assessment

Online Learning Portal

By the end of the course, you’ll be adept at drafting your blueprint for success.

Invest in your future today!


What People Are Saying

We teach to learn. We master by teaching.

Anthony has such a huge heart for the people he is working with. The guy will not only change your business, but your life.

- Anthony Trucks

Anthony's inspiration is always greatly appreciated. He has so many great philosophies and qualities that are evident in his passionate approach to help others.

- Former Student

Curb your thinking with facts and limit your fear with solutions, improve your competency by building your self-esteem, managing your self-control, and instilling discipline in your practice. The ever-evolving nature of sales necessitates professionals to keep up. If you’re among those who continue to do it the old way, chances are you’re going to miss out big time!

The transition is inevitable. Welcome change with a new innovative approach to learning. Get industry secrets, unlock your hidden potential, and savor success like no other! It’s time to learn the framework, improve your skills, and change your mindset—all for just $999!

There’s always a solution.  A blueprint.

Discover the hidden potential within the ultimate sales toolkit.